BR1M 2.0 一马援助金2第一期名单公布 1Malaysia People’s Aid-2 1st batch disbursement




第一期的受惠者名单已经出炉,公众可以登入砂人联党网站 网站,输入登记号码查询。


The list of first batch recipients of the second 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M 2.0) is out.
The public an log in to SUPP website to check.


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* 一马援助金 3月15日截止申请
* 一马援金2.0派发了
* 浮罗岸首批5910人领一马援助金
* 查看一马援金申请,请登录人联党网站
* 人联吁一马援金2.0申请者 上网查询是否列名单

News online:
Some 10,000 from Bekenu and Lambir receive BR1M 2.0
* money for BR1m 2.0 not borrowed
* Kanowit BR1m 2.0 distribution causes dissatisfaction
BR1M 2.0 distribution at Miri Civic Centre a smooth process
Distribution of BR1M vouchers at MBKS Stadium orderly
New measure adopted to tighten security during BR1M distribution
BR1M 2.0 recipients wait at distribution centre as early as 5am
* 77,040 recipients of BR1M 2.0 in Sibu division
Check your BR1M application first, says Tan Kai
* Tense moments as BR1M2 recipients turn unruly
Orderly distribution of BR1M2.0 at Miri Civic Centre
61,691 in Kuching Division to receive BRIM2 vouchers from Feb 4
* Kapit expects smooth BR1M2.0 distribution
First batch recipients of BR1M 2.0 from Feb 1

新闻剪报  details from the newspapers:

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